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Searching for Sugar Man

I have to say this movie is amazing! It is a documentary about an American musician who inspired a generation in South Africa to fight apartheid and was more popular there than The Rolling Stones, and yet we in the US never heard of him. His name is Rodriguez and he recorded two albums in the early 70s before fading into obscurity. But by chance his music made its way to South Africa, and he became a Rock Star. His albums went platinum there and stories of his tragic death were a part of their music history.


Two questions come to mind when you watch Clint Eastwood’s new feel good movie Invictus. Did rugby really make that big a difference in race relations in South Africa? And just what in the hell are the rules of rugby?

District 9

District 9 is basically a war movie wrapped in a science fiction movie. And I don’t particularly like war movies or science fiction. So that could explain why I’m so conflicted about this flick.