Cinema Clash podcast: Radioactive; Yes, God, Yes; The Rental

I thought about writing up a quick review for Yes, God, Yes. But then I thought, no, God, no. It was awkward enough talking about it with my podcast partner Charlie. The film is a coming-of-age dramedy about a Catholic school teenager who goes off to a religious retreat (aka “Jesus Camp”) for a few days to purify her soul after stumbling upon a racy AOL chatroom, and getting caught up in a scandalous rumor involving a classmate – and salad.

We also talked about the Marie Curie biopic Radioactive, which I did review here, and the mystery horror flick The Rental, which Arty Chick and I both weighed in on. So read up. Listen up. Or both.




Listen to “Curie in the Time of Covid” on Spreaker.

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